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About us

Sun-City is a registered Travel Agent T.A. 1308 under the license of Singapore Tourist Board. Sun-City offers a wide range of Eco-tours and adventures in the region. Unlike normal tour agent, most Sun-City’s Eco Tours programmes are fully guided that start from the Singapore all the way to the destination instead of only relying on foreign agent to take-over at the foreign country. This is possible because Sun-City has a big pool of professional, experienced and qualified licensed nature guides that will not only take care of the welfare client but also offering valuable knowledge and experience. As most of these “eco” designations are not the tourist areas and therefore commercial tour agency would seldom bring you there. Therefore, they are usually guided programmes accompanied by Sun-City qualified nature and adventure guides.

Eco-Tours focus on nature and most of the recommended sites are within 5 hours traveling time from Singapore whether traveling by air, sea or land. We have branded it as 5H2D which means 5 hours to designation. This allows us to get to our “natural and wild” designations without spending to much time on traveling.

In the course of these activities, we also hope to instill in participants the awareness and love for nature, leading to effort put forth to caring for our natural environment. We invite all to join in our activities and experience an added dimension in tour and traveling.