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Tunjung Sutera Resort / Campsite

Tanjung Sutera is a peaceful getaway with a touch of kampong ambience, serenity amidst the swaying coconut trees. The resort is 40m above sea level is located in the East Coast of Johor. It spans a hilly area of more than 20 acres of land, once a coconut plantation. The resort overlooks the true blue South China Sea with its waves beating against the dramatic rocky coast. The Campsite is within the resort with a capacity of max. 1000pax. Campsite facilities include:

1) A Multi-purpose hall for wet weather program (max. 500pax)
2) 40 shower rooms & toilets
3) Asli Water Obstacles Challenge Course
4) Cliff Abseiling
5) Dining Hall (max. 400pax)
6) Swimming pool
7) Campfire Ground
8) Security Post
9) Dormitory (Max.100pax)

Resort overlooking the South China Sea






Tanjung Sutera: Jurassic Coastal Walk

Tanjong Sedili is located at the South eastern coast of Johor adjacent to Jason Bay. It has a stretch of scenic rocky coast and beach that are relatively intact and ideal for marine environmental program. The inter-tidal marine life is rich and the geological rocks formation can be pre-dated to Jurassic period. Professional Nature Guides will lead the trek along the coast and explain the inter-tidal ecosystem, marine bio-diversity as well as geography on rock formation. The start and end point is at Tanjung Sutera Resort.


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