Educational Learning Journeys

Student Leadership Camp

We frequently conducts student leadership camps at Mawai Eco Camp, KOREF Camp Sutera Camp

All three campsites are quite different and schools have the choice of either an open setting like the KOREF Camp or wilderness rustic setting of Mawai Eco Camp or campsite near the coast.

We provides transportation, comprehensive insurance coverage and full camp amenities for the leadership camps. Experienced instructors cover the entire leadership programme.

Activities carried out by the various schools vary from mountain trekking, outdoor camping, water-based activities, jungle survival skill and even nature appreciation programmes.

Mawai, KOREF and Sutera campsite have a comprehensive and safe water obstacles course named under Asli Water Obstacle Challenge (AWOC) because the courses were built by the Orang Aslis (Aborigines of Malaya). Swamp forest trek at Mawai Eco Camp and river trekking at KOREF are also some activities where individuals are tested for their teamwork skill and perseverance ability.

Raft building, orientation, camp craft and outdoor projects are some of the activities incorporated for team building and leadership building.

Schools that have done leadership camps with us include St. Andrew School, Victoria School, Henderson Sec School, Christchurch Sec School, Raffles Institution Boys Brigade, and Rosyth School just to name a few.

Other educational organisations that have done similar leadership camps include the Asian Women Welfare Association, trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education, Singapore Management University, Ngee Ann Polytechnics, Singapore Polytechnics, and National University of Singapore Outdoor Adventure Club just to name a few.

MOE Co-Curricular Branch has also done their Overseas Expedition Planning and Management program with us for teachers from various schools.

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