Educational Learning Journeys

School Level Camp

We provides campsite such as Mawai Eco Camp, Sutera Resort and Campsite, Savanah Hill Resort and Campsite, and Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF) Campsite that can accommodate up to 600 students for school level camp. School level camps come in various emphasis and objectives. Some focus more on class cohesion, some focus more on self confidence and teamwork, some require interaction with foreign locals so as to understand their culture and way of life. Some require certain form of Community Involvement projects and so on. All these programs can be carried out at KOREF.

All the camp ground comes with at least 30 toilets with shower facilities, farmhouses and dormitories, training hall, dining hall, sheds, campfire ground and ample space for games. We provides transportation, comprehensive insurance coverage and full camp amenities for all participants. EDU assists school in program planning, overseas administration, safety and logistical preparation, and provides qualified and experienced instructors to carry out the entire camp program.

We provides transportation in and out of camp for mountain trekking e.g. to Gunong Lambak (510m)m Gunung Belumut (1010m), Gunung Panti (540m), Gunung Arong (350m). EDU also arranges sporting event, community services (CIP), service Learning (Values in Action), National Education and cultural exchanges with local schools in Johor.

We also offers nature appreciation as part of the level camp program. Activities here include bird-watching, stargazing and nature slide talks.

Schools that have participated in the level camp with us include Victoria School, Ngee Ann Sec School, Greenridge Sec Scool, Yishun Town Sec Sch, Manjusri Sec School, Mayflower Sec School, and Punggol Pri School just to name a few.

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