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Sports Exchange

One of the best motivations for sport teams is to allow them to go overseas for training and friendly games. We have regular contacts with educational institutions and universities in Malaysia, Indonesia ,Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and China. Your school may be the best team in Singapore, that is because your school has not met the real challenge from a better team.

We also has arrangement with Guangdong and Fujian for the Chinese sports such as Wushu, Basketball, Volleyball, Table-Tennis, Badminton and Swimming. We also arrange residential trainings in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Guangdong as we have prior arrangement with the Sports school there.

All in all, Sports Exchange is a good eye opener for local sports talents to learn from foreign sports teams. It also helps to bond the players and instill in them an appreciation of foreign culture and way of life.

School Sports Overseas Friendly & Training

An Overseas Exposure and Eye Opening, an Incentive and Motivation, an Internationalisation & Team Building, for whatever reasons sport teams will definitely benefit from Overseas friendly and training trip. Here are some of the trips and sports that we have organized for educational institutions and we can also customized sport programs according to your needs.

These are some of the trips, where and who they have exchange with

Kuala Lumpur

Badminton – playing with Selangor Badminton Association Youths (SBA) where almost all the World Badminton Champions from Malaysia were born from SBA. Victoria JC participated.
Hockey – playing with KL hockey Association Youths at Pantai Stadium Hoki. Victoria JC participated.
Volleyball – playing with KL Amateur Volleyball Association (KLAVA) and Ex-Chong Hwa Alumni. Many ex-national players are still with KLAVA. Victoria JC participated.

Kluang, Johor

Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennnis – Chong Hwa School is superb in all these “Chinese” sports. Catholic High School, Victoria School participated.
Basketball junior – playing with Kahang Elementary School. Punggol Primary School participated.
Soccer – playing with Kahang Secondary School. Victoria School participated.

Bangkok, Thailand

Basketball – Bangkok has many good indoor courts and there is a list of school teams from the champion league that we have regular exchange. S’pore Basketball Association Youth, S’pore Poly participated. We also played with Suphanburi Sports College. Victoria JC participated.
Volleyball, Base Ball, Soccer - Suphanburi Sports College, Makassan School, Howang School, Bangkok Sports College & several other sport colleges in Bangkok welcome Overseas exchange. Hong Kah Sec, Victoria JC , S’pore Poly participated.
Badminton, Table Tennis – playing with Laselle College in Bangkok. Ngee Ann Sec participated.
Sailing – training with Thai National Youth Team at Satahip, Pattaya. Victoria JC participated.
Hockey – playing at Klong 6 stadium that was constructed for Asian Games. Victoria JC & S’pore Poly participated.

Hong Kong

Hockey – playing at King’s Park Hockey Stadium & HK University. S’pore Poly, Victoria JC participated
Soccer, Tennis– playing at HK University Sport Complex. S’pore Poly, Victoria JC participated. Playing with HK Women National Team at Shai Dim, Victoria JC participated.
Volleyball, Basketball, Wushu – exchange with Heep Yunn School, Pui Kui College. Ngee Ann Sec , Victoria JC, S’pore Poly participated.
HK Beach 5 Rugby & Netball – Annual event at Repulse Bay . S’pore Poly participates annually since 2011


Volleyball, Tennis, TKD, Rugby, - hosted by Macau University and Macau Polytechnics. S’pore Poly participated.


Volleyball, Tennis, TKD, Basketball – hosted by Zhongsan University. S’pore Poly participated

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